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How to Design Gender-Sensitive Social Protection Systems 2021-11-15 (07.10.2021) This is the sixth in a series of policy primers developed to support policymakers and practitioners in Asia and the Pacific in their efforts to strengthen social protection. This policy primer explains how social protection systems can be designed to recognize and…

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Social protection and informality in Latin America during the COVID-19 pandemic 2021-11-12 latin america (04.11.2021) Latin American governments swiftly implemented income assistance programs to sustain families’ livelihoods during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. This paper analyzes the potential coverage and generosity of these measures and assesses the suitability of current safety nets to…

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COVID-19 pandemic underlines need to strengthen resilience of health systems, says OECD 2021-11-09 (09.11.2021) OECD Health at a Glance 2021 says that the mental health impact of the pandemic has been huge, with prevalence of anxiety and depression more than double levels observed pre-crisis in most countries with available data, most notably in Mexico, the United Kingdom and the…

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Netherlands: Bill for partially paid parental leave approved 2021-11-08 netherlands

Willis Towers Watson (05.11.2021)  A Senate-approved bill in the Netherlands provides both maternal and paternal paid leave for up to nine weeks after a child is born.

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Ukrainian Pension System at the Crossroads 2021-11-05 ukraine (01.11.2021) Ukraine is in the top 15 countries globally for the fastest ageing population and the State Budget has allocated about UAH 170 billion to cover pensions in the security and defence sectors, fund social contributions for some categories of people, allowances, increases…

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Employment in Crisis : The Path to Better Jobs in a Post-COVID-19 Latin America 2021-10-29 latin america (17.06.2021) A region known for its volatility, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) has suffered severe economic and social setbacks from crises—including the COVID-19 pandemic. These crises have taken their toll on careers, wage growth, and productivity. Employment in Crisis:…

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Mainstreaming gender into social protection strategies and programmes: Evidence from 74 low- and middle-income countries 2021-10-28

unicef (june 2021) The importance of mainstreaming gender into social protection policies and programmes is increasingly recognized. However, evidence on the extent to which this is actually happening remains limited. This report contributes to filling this evidence gap by drawing on the…

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COVID-19 benefits set to expire this week in Canada 2021-10-28 canada

CTV News (17.10.2021)On Oct. 23 – the last day of Small Business Week – the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) and the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) are set to expire. Both programs have been extended several times since being implemented in 2020.

As for individual benefits, the…

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Philippines: World Bank exec praises PhilSys role in PH digital transformation 2021-10-26 philippines, the

Philippine News Agency (17.10.2021) The implementation of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) has resulted in milestones for the country's social protection and digital transformation, according to a World Bank official. 

He said success in utilizing PhilSys for social…

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COVID-19 in long-term care: Impact, policy responses and challenges 2021-10-22

OECD (21.10.2021) The COVID-19 crisis has hit the long-term care (LTC) sector particularly hard, with large numbers of people dependent on care and particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 have fallen ill, and a disproportionate rate of LTC workers both exposed to, and infected by, COVID-19. The…

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in August 2020 2021-10-21

There were a massive 99 data breaches and cyber attacks in August, making it the third-biggest monthly total of the year by number of security incidents. But, by contrast, only 36,673,575 records were confirmed to have been leaked, which is the fewest we’ve recorded since May 2018. The true…

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2021 2021-10-21

As always, you can find the full list of incidents below, with those affecting UK organisations listed in bold. In case you missed it, you may also be interested in our first quarterly review of data breaches and cyber attacks. The report takes the information collected in these lists and…

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3.6 million social security numbers exposed in unprecedented South Carolina cyber attack - The Verge 2021-10-21 United States

"This is not a good day for South Carolina." That was Governor Nikki Haley's public reaction to news that a foreign hacker had infiltrated South Carolina's Department of Revenue and made off with 3.6 million social security numbers and 387,000 credit/debit card numbers. Of the compromised cards…

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Cyber Attack Disrupts COVID-19 Payouts: Hackers Take Down Italian Social Security Site 2021-10-21 italy

We've already seen supposed "elite hackers" attacking the World Health Organization, cyber criminals hitting a COVID-19 vaccine testing facility with ransomware and healthcare workers being targeted with Windows malware using coronavirus information as the lure.

Now, it has been reported…

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INPS hack: Italy’s social security website back online following cyber-attack claims | The Daily Swig 2021-10-21 italy

INPS has been distributing emergency funds to those hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic

The website of INPS, the Italian department of social security and welfare, appears to be operational again after an apparent cyber-attack forced it offline yesterday (April 1).

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Irish health service hit by "very sophisticated" ransomware | Kaspersky official blog 2021-10-21 ireland

A ransomware attack forced Ireland’s healthcare service to shut down its servers. Here’s what we know so far.

Kaspersky Team May 14, 2021 Updated on May 17, 2021. Media outlets are reporting an attack by ransomware on the Health Service Executive (HSE), Ireland’s healthcare system. The…

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United States: Government-paid family leave among proposed benefit changes - Willis Towers Watson 2021-10-19

U.S. Congress is discussing legislation, not yet finalized, that could significantly alter the employee health and benefit landscape.… pmassetti
Employment policy: ILO launches new online database on employment policies and strategies to promote an inclusive job-rich recovery 2021-10-19 (19.10.2021) The online platform will serve as a unique worldwide reference and source of information on national employment policies, and strategies to promote youth employment.

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South Africa: A New Social Assistance Assessment Aims to Help Strengthen Policies and Programs for the Poor 2021-10-19 south africa (07.10.2021) The World Bank, in collaboration with the Government of South Africa, released a new report assessing the country’s social assistance programs and systems. In an environment of high unemployment, persistent poverty, weak economic growth and shrinking fiscal resources…

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Thailand approves $2.8bln more economic support measures 2021-10-19 thailand

ZAWYA  (18.10.2021) Thailand's cabinet on Tuesday approved a further 92 billion baht ($2.76 billion) of relief measures to help boost its flagging economy as the Southeast Asian country deals with its biggest and most prolonged coronavirus outbreak.  Thailand earlier this year approved a further…

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Nigeria: Assessing Govt's Protective Efforts in Covid-19 Era 2021-10-14 nigeria (14.10.2021) Social protection is a right for the federal government and not a token or favour. The last 18 months have been difficult for families and communities across the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The vision of equality and inclusion as explained in the…

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Tax and fiscal policies after the COVID-19 crisis 2021-10-14 (14.10.2021) The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant deterioration in public finances, adding to pre-existing strains from long-term structural challenges including population ageing, climate change, rising inequality, digitalisation and automation. This report, originally…

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Greece: How active labor market programs can support guaranteed minimum income recipients 2021-10-12 greece (07.10.2021) The Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) program is the flagship of Greece’s social protection reforms and particularly effective by international standards in reaching poor households.  Its national launch in February 2017 aligned Greece with other EU members in…

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Development and Performance of the Elderly Care System in the People’s Republic of China 2021-10-11 china

 Asian Development Bank (August 2021) The three-tiered elderly system in the country consists of home-based care as the core support, community-based care as necessary support, and residential care as supplementary support. The main policies and progress of the system are explained, including…

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The Implications of COVID-19 for Welfare and Vulnerability in Nepal 2021-10-08 nepal (06.10.2021) In Nepal, the lockdowns that were adopted to mitigate the public health impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) were accompanied by a significant contraction in economic activity. These in turn suggest a negative outlook for poverty and welfare, particularly in the face pre-…

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