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Making Pension Savings Easy and Efficient for Informal Sector Workers - Learning from Kenya’s Haba Haba Pilot kenya (21.05.2024) Haba Haba, which means “bit by bit” in Swahili, is a voluntary pension scheme in Kenya for workers in informal employment and promises to be a scheme through which they can slowly but surely save for their old age. The scheme, administered by the National Social Security… Pensions Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Rwanda's Innovative Approach to Early Childhood Development Through Social Protection rwanda (14.06.2024) Through its Integrated Early Childhood Development (IECD) Program, supported by the World Bank under the Social Protection Transformation Project, Rwanda is successfully providing high-quality care and early stimulation for children, helping parents access resources… Children Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
South Africa: Government pension fund systems offline for months after ransomware attack south africa (13.06.2024) The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) suffered a cyberattack in February 2024, and it only expects to restore its self-service functionality by 21 June 2024. A notice published on the GEPF’s social media pages says the self-service functionality on its web… Security Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Ghana's National Health Insurance Authority Will Roll Out Visitors Health Insurance Scheme In July ghana The policy would require non-residents on a visit to Ghana to sign onto a health insurance scheme during their stay Health insurance Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
A new dawn for public employment services : Service delivery in the age of artificial intelligence oecd (13.06.2024) As part of broader digitalisation efforts, half of public employment services (PES) in OECD countries are employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance their services. AI is being adopted across all key tasks of PES, including most commonly to match jobseekers with vacancies.… Employment, Service delivery Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
South Africa - Two Pot Retirement System south africa (10.06.2024) The two-pot retirement system is a reform that will allow retirement fund members to make partial withdrawals from their retirement funds before retirement, while preserving a portion... Pensions managing reforms, ssptw Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
The Republic of Korea: Extending social insurance to digital platform workers korea, Republic of (10.05.2024) Extending social insurance to platform workers in the Republic of Korea offers valuable lessons for other countries facing similar challenges. This brief outlines recent advancements in extending employment injury and employment insurance coverage to platform workers, emphasizing legal… Extension of coverage digital platforms Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Light entrepreneurship on the upswing in Finland – improves employment but places many in a vulnerable labour market position finland Finnish Centre for Pensions (08.05.2024) The number of light entrepreneurs has grown rapidly in recent years. At the same time, the profile of light entrepreneurs has changed: they are increasingly younger, of foreign origin and have only a basic education. The Finnish Centre for Pensions’ study… digital platforms Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Switzerland: Social security changes come into force, with implications for pension plans - WTW Switzerland’s AHV/AVS 21 law, which was approved by parliament and then passed by public referendum in 2022, took effect January 1, 2024. Among other things, the law will increase the age for normal retirement (now called the “reference age”) for women under the social security AHV/AVS[1]… managing reforms, ssptw… pmassetti
Modernising Access to Social Protection: Strategies, Technologies and Data Advances in OECD Countries (28.05.2024) Despite having advanced social protection systems, OECD countries still face challenges in identifying, enrolling, and providing benefits and services to all those in need. Even when programmes are well-designed and adequately funded, cumbersome enrolment processes and… E-services, Service delivery Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Playbook on Digital Social Protection Delivery Systems: Towards Dynamic Inclusion and Interoperability (08.05.2024) The Playbook on Digital Social Protection Delivery Systems (DSPDS) offers a modular DSPDS framework for a holistic approach to data management, analytics, and decision support to scale-up the delivery of social protection to people in a time of expanding crises. The… Information and communication technology, Interoperability Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Dominican Republic: A Climate-Resilient Social Protection System dominican republic (28.05.2024) Reina Solano, a single mother of five, lives in a modest house in Higüey, in La Altagracia province in the Dominican Republic. Her household was among the 35,000 identified as the most affected by Hurricane Fiona. The heavy rains and strong winds of up to 150 kilometers… Environment and climate change Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Enhancing Social Protection for Migrant Workers: Challenges and Strategies in the East and Horn of Africa Africa (27.05.2024) Migration in the East and Horn of Africa (EHoA) is characterised as mixed migration. The region is a source, transit, and destination for various migratory flows, with forced migration and labour migration continuing to drive the main movement trends within and across… Migration Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
US: Biden Admin Struggles to Address Sharp Rise in Deaths From Extreme Heat United States The New York Times (25.05.2024) For more than two years, a group of health experts, economists and lawyers in the U.S. government has worked to address a growing public health crisis: people dying on the job from extreme heat. In the coming months, this team of roughly 30 people at the… Occupational accidents and diseases, Environment and climate change Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Financing gap for universal social protection: Global, regional and national estimates and strategies for creating fiscal space (23.04.2024) The primary aim of the study is to provide updated estimates of the financing gap to attain universal coverage for social protection floors. This estimation encompasses 133 low- and middle-income countries, and includes five income security guarantees (for children, persons… Extension of coverage Universal Social Protection Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Scaling Up Social Assistance Where Data is Scarce - Opportunities and Limits of Novel Data and AI (16.05.2024) During the recent Covid-19 shock (2020/21), most countries used cash transfers to protect the livelihoods of those affected by the pandemic or by restrictions on mobility or economic activities, including the poor and vulnerable. While a large majority of countries…

Artificial intelligence, Data analytics, COVID-19 Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
India: Regulatory Framework and the Protection of Basic Rights of Gig Workers india (16.05.2024) The gig economy, a burgeoning sector, represents a paradigm shift in traditional employment models, offering flexibility and autonomy to workers across various industries. Despite its benefits, the sector's rapid growth, particularly in urban India, has highlighted…

Platform workers digital platforms Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Designers improve the user experience of social services in Moldova at UX4Gov Designathon moldova, Republic of (22.04.2024) UNDP Moldova will support the UX4Gov Designathon – a creative event designed to connect designers with public institutions to create user-centric solutions and improve public services. As part of the event, UNDP Moldova will support the conceptualization of the interface…

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Financing Social Protection - Lessons from Gig Workers in India

WIEGO (23.10.2023) The extension of social protection to all workers, including those in the informal economy, is crucial to creating better quality employment. For this to happen, it is essential that financing for social protection is increased. A new scheme for financing social protection for…

Platform workers digital platforms Published_SS_Monitor pmassetti
Pension Reform in Lebanon: Good Intentions, Uncertain Outcomes - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace lebanon

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (15.05.2024) Amid an ongoing economic and fiscal crisis, Lebanon’s Parliament has approved a major reform to the country’s pension system. But it is likely to face challenges related to benefits, solvency, and coverage.

Pensions Published_SS_Monitor… pmassetti
Google Cloud Accidentally Deletes Australian Superannuation Fund’s Data - Pension Policy International

The Australian superannuation fund UniSuper had its private cloud data deleted accidentally earlier this month, disrupting the fund’s services for the past couple of weeks. A configuration problem caused Google Cloud to delete UniSuper’s account.… pmassetti
EU: Study on poverty and income inequality in the context of the digital transformation Europe (13.05.2024) As European labour markets become increasingly digitalised, concerns about inequality and poverty are increasing. This study, completed for the European Commission, seeks to investigate these concerns further. Part A focuses on how prepared EU Member States are to manage the…

Information and communication technology, Digital inclusion, Service quality Published_SS_Monitor, Published_SS_Monitor_Innovation.… pmassetti
The Plight of Platform Workers Under Algorithmic Management in Southeast Asia

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (30.04.2024) Algorithmic management by large online platforms disrupts societal relations. A case study about drivers in Southeast Asia demonstrates the worldwide shifts that are underway.

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Asia and the Pacific’s Rapidly Aging Population Needs Long-Term Care Solutions Asia

Asian Development (02.05.2024) These charts illustrate the rapid increases in the population aged 60 and older in Asia and the Pacific and the urgency of addressing long-term care needs in the region. Over the past two decades, life expectancy at age 60 in the region has increased by more than 5…

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Swiss pension reform: the latest changes - Pension Policy International switzerland

These are the most important changes since January 1, 2024: – Expansion of the flexibility of pension payments – Incentives for gainful employment after 65 – Raising the retirement age (now called the reference age) for women to 65 (from January 1, 2025) On September 25, 2022, the Swiss…

Pensions… pmassetti