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Accord entre la Tunisie et le Québec dans le domaine de la sécurité sociale | La Presse de Tunisie 2022-12-22

La Tunisie est parvenue à un accord avec le Québec dans le domaine de la sécurité sociale, garantissant la couverture médicale et les pensions de vieillesse et d’invalidité au profit de la communauté tunisienne établie dans cette vile canadienne, a annoncé le ministère des Affaires sociales.

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Study on Bilateral Labour and Social Security Agreements In North Africa 2022-12-22 Africa

2018  - The purpose of this study is to undertake in-depth research on the different bilateral labour agreements and social security agreements in the North Africa sub-region, with particular emphasis on Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco.

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The Evolution of Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies over Five Decades — a Global Analysis 2022-12-19 (2022) This research analyzes the evolution of maternity and paternity leave across the world, covering 190 countries over 52 years. The data show striking differences both within and between countries in how leave distribution for parents upon the birth of a child has evolved. The…

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Next Generation government-to-person (G2P) Payments : Building Blocks of a Modern G2P Architecture 2022-12-19 (2022) As we move into an increasingly digital world, governments across the globe are leveraging new technologies to deliver services better, faster, and more transparently. Globally, over a quarter of adults are receiving payments from the government whether through public sector…

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Working Paper : Pension funds in sub-Saharan Africa 2022-12-16 Africa (2022) The population structure the world over is going through a demographic shift, and the elderly proportion is projected to increase with population growth. This change is a matter of concern for sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries, where the majority of the people are young…

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Aging societies: How can we design societies that benefit older and younger people? 2022-12-12 (07.12.2022)  The success of longevity interventions is putting countries on paths to becoming aging societies, in which the number of individuals aged 65 and older is equal to the number of people aged 15 and younger. This outcome may lead to resistance to investments in healthy…

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Healthcare financing and social protection policies for migrant workers in Malaysia 2022-11-30 malaysia (09.12.2022) For Malaysia, a nation highly dependent on migrant labour, the large non-citizen workforce presents a unique health system challenge. Although documented migrant workers are covered by mandatory healthcare insurance (SPIKPA), financial constraints remain a major barrier for…

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Reducing vulnerability to weather shocks through social protection – Evidence from the implementation of Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) in Ethiopia 2022-11-22 ethiopia (2022) This paper uncovers the mechanisms shaping the impact of the public work component of the Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Program (PSNP) on beneficiaries and communities’ food security and vulnerability to various shocks. From a policy perspective, the empirical findings…

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Germany prepares to reform all three pension system pillars 2022-11-21 germany (15.11.2022) The German government is targeting a comprehensive reform of all the three pension system pillars during what it considers a turning point in history – Zeitwende – with high inflation, possible recession, changes in economic policies and demographic pressures.

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Social grants offer cash, but they aren't a magic bullet response to inequality in the Global South 2022-11-15 (16.10.2022) Over the last three decades, there has been a proliferation of social protection programs across the Global South in what some have dubbed a development revolution. International development agencies across the ideological spectrum have embraced social protection…

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India: From digitisation to platformisation — how social protection schemes can be made more accessible 2022-11-14 india (31.11.2022) Social Protection Open Digital Ecosystems (SP-ODEs) can provide beneficiaries, government and service providers a unified, digital platform to better access welfare schemes.

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Nordic pension funds want to increase climate investments in emerging markets and developing economies 2022-11-10

At COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, the Climate Investment Coalition (CIC), in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers, presented key investor recommendations to bridge the climate finance and investment gap by 2030 towards emerging markets and developing economies. This was made…

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Over 84,000 Nigerians enrolled in micro pension plan –PENCOM 2022-11-10 nigeria

The National Pension Commission (PenCom), yesterday revealed that over 84,000 Nigerians have enrolled in the ongoing Micro Pension plan. This was even as the Commission reiterated that it will continue to embark on massive awareness to ensure more Nigerians key into the initiative.… pmassetti
Wideangle: How much does Europe spend on pensions? 2022-11-10 european union

 The New European (10.11.2022) A guide to how pensions are funded across the continent

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Digitizing cash transfers to remote rural populations: challenges and solutions from the experience of Zambia 2022-11-08 zambia (30.09.2022) There is currently a major focus on digitization within African countries, with the interest of, on the one hand, increasing efficiency and lowering the cost-of-service delivery, and on the other hand, increasing financial inclusion for excluded parts of the…

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Chile's Boric announces plan to end private pension system 2022-11-07 chile

Windsor Star (02.11.2022) Chile’s President Gabriel Boric on Wednesday announced his long-awaited plan to reform the country’s controversial private pension system.  In a televised address, Boric said he was planning to end Chile’s Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) system in lieu of a new…

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Long-term care in the context of population ageing: a rights-based approach to universal coverage 2022-11-03

ILO Working paper 82. (Nov 2022)   With the acceleration of population ageing, the achieving of healthy ageing is becoming a global imperative and social protection policies and social security systems have an important role to play in this endeavour.

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US: Using artificial intelligence to identify administrative errors in unemployment insurance 2022-11-01 United States

Government Information Quarterly  (October 2022) Administrative errors in unemployment insurance (UI) decisions give rise to a public values conflict between efficiency and efficacy. We analyze whether artificial intelligence (AI) – in particular, methods in machine learning (ML) – can be used…

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Singapore Introduces New Healthcare Reform Plan 2022-10-31 singapore (21.10.2022) Singapore has recently announced a new healthcare reform plan that will shift the country’s healthcare strategy towards preventive care. The program is called Healthier SG and aims to provide a family physician and one health plan for every resident. The hope is…

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The Role of Digital in the COVID-19 Social Assistance Response 2022-10-18 (2022) The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in vast numbers of people in need of social assistance, many of whom were not previously covered by social safety nets. To meet this unprecedented level of need, governments quickly scaled social assistance reaching over 1.7 billion people in…

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The COVID-19 crisis showed the future of G2P payments should be digital. Here's why 2022-10-17 (03.10.2022) The COVID-19 crisis highlighted how digital public infrastructure (DPI) can play a critical role for governments to deliver social assistance quickly and safely.  DPI not only allowed governments to reach an unprecedented number of new beneficiaries, it also allowed…

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US: Social Security COLA will be 8.7% in 2023, highest increase in 40 years 2022-10-14

Social Security beneficiaries can expect an 8.7% boost to benefits in 2023, the Social Security Administration announced. The increase tops the 5.9% cost-of-living adjustment for 2022, which at the time was the highest in four decades.… pmassetti
Ireland. Government Pushes Ahead With Pension Auto Enrolment 2022-10-11

The government has approved the details of its new pension auto-enrolment scheme in what Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys described as a “generational reform” of the Irish pensions system. The General Scheme of the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System has now been…… pmassetti
Access to Welfare in the Digital Economy in BRICS Countries 2022-10-10 china, india, brazil, Russian Federation (22.09.2022) Many governments now use digital technology for means testing. For instance, the US uses an Income Eligibility Verification System that links several databases to verify beneficiary income. It also uses a Prisoner Verification System linked to prisoners’…

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German Financial State Aid during COVID-19 Pandemic: Higher Impact among Digitalized Self-Employed 2022-10-07 germany

IZA (Oct 2022) In response to strong revenue and income losses that a large share of the self-employed faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the German federal government introduced a €50bn emergency aid program. Based on real-time online-survey data comprising more than 20,000 observations, we…

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