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​Virus has created different economic system, says Finnish pensions chief finland

IPE (31.01.2022) The chief executive officer of the State Pension Fund of Finland (Valtion Eläkerahasto, VER), said the economic conditions brought about by the pandemic will stay with us, and with digitalisation and medicine as the key drivers of this new system, that is where governments need…

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Digitalization of Social Protection Systems Policy in Indonesia as a Step Towards Society 5.0 indonesia

Atlantis Press (06.01.2022) Social protection system in Indonesia has played an important role in delivering social assistances to poor households in the past two decades. Literature of digital transformation in Indonesia’s social protection policy is still limited, therefore, this research…

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Social Assistance for Informal workers : Analysis of the COVID-19 response in Brazil and Colombia brazil, colombia (january 2022) This paper exposes the measures extended to informal workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study analyzes two South-American countries which have a high percentage of informality, Colombia and Brazil. We study the implications of the expansion of the social assistance…

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France: La dépendance liée au grand âge est un choix de société france (27.01.2022) Editorial du « Monde ». Alors que la révélation sur la gestion des Ehpad du groupe Orpea est devenue une affaire politique, il n’est pas trop tard pour que le grand âge devienne un thème de la campagne présidentielle.

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Social protection systems and the response to COVID-19 in the Arab region arabic countries (28.12.2021) The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting societies and economies at their core. In the Arab Region, the pandemic has exacerbated existing structural weaknesses in economies as well as unresolved social challenges, making the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for…

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First collective agreement for platform workers in Spain spain (13.01.2022) After several reports by the labour inspectorate and contradictory judgments by the courts, in September 2020 the Supreme Court finally ruled that platform workers were employees and not self-employed workers—and that, therefore, the labour and social-security rights…

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South Africa is taking steps to a new universal income grant in 2022 – what to expect south africa (04.01.2022) Social development minister Lindiwe Zulu says that introducing a new basic income grant in South Africa will likely be phased in over several years, with her department currently pushing for an extension of the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant as a…

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California could become first US state to offer universal healthcare to residents United States (11.01.2022) California is considering creating the first government-funded, universal healthcare system in the US for state residents. The proposal, which lawmakers will begin debating on Tuesday, would adopt a single-payer healthcare system that would replace the need for…

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Understanding the Emerging Micropensions Market in India india

Innovations for Poverty Action (2022) Millions of informal sector workers in low- and middle-income countries are excluded from formal pension and social security systems, posing potential economic challenges for old age populations. Micropensions may help to address these challenges—but more…

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World Employment Social Outlook 2021: The role of digital labour platforms in transforming the world of work (05.01.2022) Digital labour platforms are now a vital part of contemporary life—they allow us to arrange a ride, order food and access a host of other services online. They accomplish this by connecting clients or customers with workers who undertake these tasks or “gigs”. The past…

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Technology and Universal Health Coverage: Examining the role of digital health

 JOGH (20.11.2021) While there is tremendous promise to leverage technology for UHC, it will require smart, context-specific policies and programming with ample flexibility to adapt as needs and opportunities change – and with robust safeguards to protect privacy, data security, and equity. The…

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COVID-19 and Social Protection in Asia and the Pacific: Projected Costs for 2020–2030

| Asian Development Bank - This working paper applies the Social Protection Reform Simulation (SPRS20) costing model to analyze the costs associated with social protection in 30 Asia and Pacific countries against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.… pmassetti
US: 2021 Poverty Projections: Assessing the Impact of Benefits and Stimulus Measures

Urban Institute (july 2021) In an earlier brief, we estimated that the American Rescue Plan Act, enacted in March 2021, would reduce the 2021 annual poverty rate to 8.7 percent (Wheaton et al. 2021). We now project a 2021 poverty rate of 7.7 percent for 2021.… pmassetti
India: e-Shram registration is a stepping stone towards protection of informal workers india (23.12.2021) The emergency requirements dictated by the pandemic led the Supreme Court, in May 2021, to order a time-bound inclusive and universal registration system for informal workers and circular migrants. The e-Shram portal which has come into existence now is meant to…

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Moroccan government plans to expand its social protection programme morocco (03.01.2022) This new plan will strengthen and develop several programmes in the areas of social assistance, improving governance, as well as launching new carve-outs that signify a reform of the targeting system. Also, this project aims to diversify and expand the support…

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Expanding Social Protection to Informal Women Workers for Better COVID-19 Recovery in Uganda uganda (2021) Uganda has a female labor force participation of 67 percent. While some efforts to advance social protection are being made, Uganda currently spends only about 3.5 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) towards that end. Meanwhile, the National Employment Policy (2010)…

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EPIC publishes annual thematic report exploring how EU Member States supported working families during COVID-19 in 2020 Europe

 European Commission (22.12.2021) The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) has published a new report exploring how EU Member States supported working families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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China: Beijing and Shanghai extend maternity leave by 30 days; parental leave entitlement introduced china

Willis Towers Watson (23.12.2021) Chinese regions extend maternity leave to address declining birth rates and an aging population, bringing implications for employers.

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Extending social health protection: Accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage in Asia and the Pacific Asia (07.12.2021) This regional report documents and analyses country experiences and lessons on the extension of social health protection coverage in the Asia and the Pacific region. It provides a detailed account of progress made, challenges encountered and remaining coverage gaps, and…

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The Fairwork Pledge: Digital labour platforms, precarious work and interventions for a fairer gig economy

The OECD Forum Network (13.12.2021) How can workers in the gig economy be better protected against severe shocks and adverse working conditions?

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Social policy advice to countries from the International Monetary Fund during the COVID-19 crisis: Continuity and change

ILO Working paper 42 (10.12.2021) This paper explores whether there has been a change in International Monetary Fund (IMF) policy advice and conditions in its loan programmes and Article IV surveillance by examining the 148 country reports for IMF programmes in 2020, in the context of…

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Pakistan: Recognising platform work pakistan (19.12.2021) Misclassification deprives platform workers of the right to minimum wage

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Leftist millennial Gabriel Boric, that vowed to reform pensions for the poor, is elected president of Chile. chile

 - Pension Policy International (20.12.2021) Leftist lawmaker Gabriel Boric, 35, on Sunday became Chile’s youngest-ever president on promises of installing a “welfare state” in one of the world’s most unequal countries.

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Digital labour platforms, precarious work and interventions for a fairer gig economy

The OECD Forum Network (13.12.2021) How can workers in the gig economy be better protected against severe shocks and adverse working conditions?

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Reforms of the employment insurance system of the Republic of Korea to cope with the COVID-19 crisis korea, Republic of (29.11.2021) COVID-19 pandemic that caused massive unemployment has forced countries to review their employment policy and protection system. This paper summarized efforts taken by Republic of Korea in reforming their employment protection system during the pandemic.

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