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How Japan and Singapore are reinventing old age pmassetti

World Economic Forum (18.02.2020) A new demographic dividend – the “longevity dividend” – is emerging as populations age.

Ireland: The State pension 'mess': Can we afford to roll back on the pension age? pmassetti (22.01.2020) The pension age increase has been a long time coming, and has caught the government and the media off-guard in how it’s led the election debate this week.

High-risk Artificial Intelligence to be ‘certified, tested and controlled,’ Commission says pmassetti (19.02.2020) Artificial Intelligence technologies carrying a high-risk of abuse that could potentially lead to an erosion of fundamental rights will be subjected to a series of new requirements, the European Commission announced on Wednesday (19 February).

Alaska Permanent Fund: A basic income is causing parents to have more kids pmassetti

Vox (07.02.2020)  Alaska’s small basic income is causing parents to have more kids.

Canada: Télémédecine privée: une brèche dans le système public? pmassetti (17.02.2020) Consulter un médecin par vidéo, à quelques heures de préavis. Des centaines de milliers de Canadiens ont désormais accès à ces services alors que les régimes d’assurances médicales de groupe couvrent de plus en plus la télémédecine privée. Une nouvelle brèche dans le système de santé public ?

French reforms: Why France is resisting Macron's push on pensions pmassetti

BBC News (17.02.2020) President Emmanuel Macron's bid to radically overhaul the post-war pension system reaches the National Assembly on Monday, ahead of a long period of debate.

Welfare surveillance system violates human rights, Dutch court rules pmassetti

The Guardian (05.02.2020) A Dutch court has ordered the immediate halt of an automated surveillance system for detecting welfare fraud because it violates human rights, in a judgment likely to resonate well beyond the Netherlands.

Philippines: Lawmakers call for passage of 'gig economy' measures pmassetti (13.02.2020) AS the country’s so-called gig economy industry continues to rise, lawmakers are pushing for measures to protect freelance workers by establishing a basic regulatory framework to enable them to anticipate challenges ahead.

La sécurité sociale face au défi climatique pmassetti

L'Echo (10.02.2020) Peut-on penser sérieusement qu’une réflexion fondamentale sur le financement et l’accessibilité de la sécurité sociale pourra faire l’économie de son inscription dans une transition climatique à engager d’urgence? Peut-on découpler ces deux projets politiques?

The number of older workers is increasing fast, yet they face growing age discrimination pmassetti

LSE Business Review (05.02.2020) Older women are more likely to be rejected for jobs than older men, and less likely to be called for another interview than women under 45, writes Allyson Zimmermann

The digital nudge in social security administration - Gregor - 2016 - International Social Security Review - Wiley Online Library rruggia

The concept of nudge theory, from the fields of behavioural science, political theory and behavioural economics, has sparked government initiatives yielding significant public value. A nudge is a method for predictably altering behaviour without restricting consumer choice options or significantly changing incentives. Nudges work by leveraging default human behaviour such as the tendency to take the path of least resistance when exercising choice. Government agencies have run many successful trials with simple textual nudges designed to positively influence behaviours such as tax compliance, voter registration and student attrition. This article develops the concept of the digital nudge in social security administration. The digital nudge leverages predictive analytics technology within a digital government framework to support a social investment policy approach. Based on a literature review of nudges within a digital government context, the article identifies examples of innovation within social security administration where nudges are contributing to better social outcomes. At the same time, concerns regarding ethics and privacy are identified as nudges are applied at the individual rather than the population level. The use of data and personal information to drive the nudge process has to be managed in such a way that individual rights are protected. This requirement has to be reconciled with the broader interests of society in achieving affordable outcomes, the parameters of which are determined through the political process.

Governance and social security: Moving forward on the ISSA good governance guidelines - Musalem - 2011 - International Social Security Review - Wiley Online Library rruggia

Governments in many countries are redefining policies and strategies in order to respond to the profound and growing social security needs of their citizens. Good governance in social security administration is indispensable to achieve the desired results because new policies and strategies can only be as good as their implementation. The article focuses on good governance at two levels of authority: i) the social security organization, and ii) national Government. At the level of a social security organization, we discuss a stylized governance framework that provides an overview of what is involved in the implementation of a social security programme. The discussion is elevated to the national level in order to focus on the governance of a social security system. From a governance point of view, this article underscores the primary role of governments to facilitate national consensus on the overall objectives of the country's social security system. It argues for the designation of a national authority on social security to ensure the coherent implementation and development of the various programmes that comprise the country's social security system. Greater synchronization of social security policy with employment and labour market policies is important to ensure positive synergies and joint effectiveness in providing access to work opportunities in the formal sectors of the economy, which is key to tackling poverty and social exclusion and to enabling the poor greater access to more comprehensive forms of social security protection. Good governance will better ensure the sustained and lasting contribution of social security to national economic growth and development.

Why the number of self-employed people in Germany is rising pmassetti

The Local (30.01.2020) Companies are increasingly outsourcing services, and as a result the number of self-employed workers in Germany has risen sharply. Many are learning that working one job is just not enough.

Social protection in Latin America: One region two systems pmassetti (23.01.2020) Social protection systems in Latin America have experienced deep structural change in the last two decades. Policies, programmes and institutions directed at population groups characterised by low incomes and informal employment have emerged across the region.

Reaching universal health coverage: a political economy review of trends across 49 countries pmassetti

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)  Dec 2019 . This paper aims to understand why and how countries provide health coverage, particularly to left-behind groups. To address these questions, we identified 49 geographically, economically and culturally diverse countries that have either achieved universal health coverage (UHC) or have made good progress towards it.

How do countries fight falling birth rates? pmassetti

 BBC News (15.01.2020) Russia has promised greater support for parents as the country continues to struggle with a low birth rate.

[CSE] L'actualité Protection sociale : "Les trois réformes systémiques de l'avant-projet de loi sur les retraites" gfilhon

Pierre Mayeur, directeur de l'organisme commun des institutions de rente et de prévoyance (OCIRP) et ancien directeur de la Caisse nationale d'assurance vieillesse, donne sa lecture "personnelle et objective" des avant-projets de loi réformant les retraites.

La retraite des autoentrepreneurs pourrait coûter des milliards d'euros à l'Etat gfilhon

C'est un arrêt à haut risque pour les finances de l'Etat. La Cour de Cassation doit se prononcer sur la minoration systématique des pensions de retraites par la caisse de retraites des autoentrepreneurs, la CIPAV. L'Etat a laissé faire et pourrait se voir demander de rembourser une note salée.

Réforme des retraites : les simulations confirment le rôle capital de l’âge pivot gfilhon (21.01.2020) L’analyse des « cas types » par le gouvernement montre que la réforme pénaliserait les départs avant l’âge pivot et profiterait à ceux qui travailleraient plus tard.

How the youth in Uttar Pradesh are helping the elderly access government welfare schemes, benefits pmassetti (17.01.2020) Lack of literacy and complicated documents often hamper financially dependent elderly from accessing government welfare schemes and benefits.

Putin offered to give out capital for the first child pmassetti

EastRussia (15.01.2020)  The maternity capital program will be expanded in Russia. It will begin to be issued in full to families after the birth of the first child. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

Russia's Putin seeks to stimulate birth rate pmassetti

 BBC News (15.01.2020) President Vladimir Putin has announced a series of plans to increase the number of children being born in Russia from an average birth rate of under 1.5 per woman to 1.7 within four years.

Pension schemes in EU show big shortfalls in stress test pmassetti (18.12.2019) A stress test of pension schemes across the European Union wiped out €270 billion or almost a quarter of investments at funds that took part, the EU’s insurance and pensions watchdog said on Tuesday (17 December).

How well are countries doing on universal health coverage? An assessment of 111 countries on UHC Day pmassetti

December 12 each year is Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day. The tradition dates back to 2012 when the United Nations General Assembly unanimously endorsed a resolution urging countries to accelerate progress toward universal health coverage

French PM Edouard Philippe unveils controversial new pensions system pmassetti

Euronews (11.12.2019) France's prime minister has vowed to push ahead with controversial reforms to the country's pension system despite crippling strikes