Digital Technologies for Government Innovation

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Accenture 2015 - Governments need to drive digital at depth to rebuild public accountability and boost their mission productivity. But that means instigating digital change, not just reacting to it. By becoming digital disruptors themselves, not just adding digital services but digitalizing to transform their operations, governments can seize the initiative from the nimble new entrants invading their traditional turf and greatly enhance their own competitiveness. By becoming public entrepreneurs, in partnership with the new digital businesses and micro-multinationals that now account for such a large share of new jobs, they can catalyze a digital economy that will sustain innovation and drive economic growth. This report describes how digital leaders in government are delivering public service for the future—and how others can follow their example. Accenture examined the digital transformation of government, looking at the impact digital services have on a country’s economy, competitiveness, government innovation and its citizens through a research report and a global pulse survey.

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