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Investing in an Integrated Social Registry for Nepal nepal (14.02.2023) Imagine this scenario. A mother delivers a child at a health facility. When the birth is recorded in the health information system, it notifies the ward office. The mother receives a call from the ward office to register her child’s birth. At the time of birth…

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Ready for the Next Crisis? Investing in Health System Resilience (23.02.2023) The COVID-19 pandemic had massive consequences for societies and health systems across the OECD and beyond. Health systems were not resilient enough. Resilient health systems plan and are ready for shocks, such as pandemics, economic crises or the effects of climate change…

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New Solutions to Fight Poverty in Aging (14.02.2022) In Mexico, they’re teaching Indigenous artisans how to sell their textiles and crafts online. In Ethiopia and Colombia, they’re experimenting with new ways to provide health care services to residents in rural communities. In Bangladesh and Ecuador, they’re using targeted…

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Long-term Care in the Agenda: The Case of Chile chile

Health Systems & Reform Volume 9, 2023 - Issue 1 - The Chilean presidential elections of 2021 included an unprecedented topic in the country’s political debate:…

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US: Welfare benefits too difficult to apply for, low-income Americans say United States

(25.01.2023) Low-income Americans are struggling to obtain help from state governments when they most need it, facing long delays and sometimes insurmountable hurdles when applying for social safety net programs such as food assistance, welfare benefits and health insurance, according to a…

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Adaptive Social Protection in Indonesia – Stress-testing the effect of a natural disaster on poverty and vulnerability - Centre for Microsimulation and Policy Analysis indonesia

Indonesia is among the countries with the highest exposure to natural disasters, and risks are expected to increase in the future due to climate change. Natural disasters and also other shocks require welldeveloped social protection systems that are able to cushion the economic consequences for…

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Platform Work in Europe - Intersentia book Europe

The book deals with the phenomenon of platform work and contains national reports (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom), other more transversal reports dealing with the issue of fundamental (collective) workers' rights, as well as the applicable…

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This module stresses specific challenges for the extension of social security to workers in new forms of employment, particularly platform workers, and explores some policy options, based on international experience and guided by ILO social security standards.

Part of - 

This ILO policy resource package “Extending social security to workers in the informal economy: Lessons from international experience”

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Balanced deal on platform workers rules reached, leading MEP says – european union

The European Parliament reached a deal on the platform workers’ directive, pending confirmation by the Employment and Social Affairs Committee on 12 December.

The deal is the outcome of months of lengthy negotiations on the platform workers’ directive, which seeks for…

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Platform work | Eurofound european union


Platform work is the matching of demand and supply of paid work through an online platform using an algorithm. Three parties are involved in the matching process: the client demanding work, the platform which manages the algorithm and the person who provides the work through the…

eurofound page for update about Platform work

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Kenya: Models of Social Payments through Inua Jamii kenya

Center for Global Development (19.02.2023) Kenya moved towards electronic payments of social benefits in 2013. In 2018 the payments system for its premier social protection program, Inua Jamii, was restructured to offer most, but not all, beneficiaries a choice between several payment service…

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China to offer free fertility treatment in bid to boost record low birth rate china

Pension Policy International (08.02.2023) China is planning to offer free fertility treatment to citizens under its national insurance scheme in a bid to reverse its plummeting birth rate. The National Healthcare Security Administration said on Friday it would extend its coverage to help…

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Thailand urges informal workers to prepare for their retirement thailand (07.02.2023) More than 16 million informal workers in Thailand have not participated in any savings scheme to prepare for their life during retirement even though the country is expected to become an aged society in the next two years.

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Social Europe: Eurobarometer survey shows Europeans support stronger social policies and more social spending european union

European Commission (06.02.2023) A newly released Eurobarometer survey shows that an overwhelming majority of EU citizens support strong action at EU and national level as well as more social spending.

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First G-20 Employment Working Group concludes in Jodhpur india

Indiablooms (04.02.2023) The 1st G-20 Employment Working Group concluded in Jodhpur today on a positive note with all G20 countries showing interest and commitment in constructively working towards the objective of the three priority areas of Addressing Global Skills Gaps, Gig & platform…

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Improving conditions for gig workers splits MEPs european union (19.01.2023) Self-employed or employed? This question is at the heart of the negotiations of the proposal for an EU directive on improving the conditions of platform workers.

Home-delivery riders, or Uber-style app drivers are some of those who compose a sector estimated…

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EU Parliament adopts position on platform workers directive european union (02.02.2023) After months of arduous negotiations, the much-debated and politically sensitive platform workers’ file was finally approved in plenary on Thursday (2 February), with 376 in favour and 212 against. The text enshrines a legal presumption of employment for self-employed…

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Bangladesh : Universal pension scheme: What it is and how it will work bangladesh

The Daily Star (31.01.2023) Bangladesh made a major step towards a universal pension scheme when parliament passed the Universal Pension Management Bill-2022 on January 24 with a view to bringing the country's growing elderly population under a social security system.

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AI legal cases are increasing: how can we prepare? - OECD.AI Europe

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential to promote global economic growth by more than 15 trillion USD. Additionally, it can advance social good by helping to combat climate change and biodiversity loss, reduce human trafficking,  improve healthcare, and support achieving the UN…

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Report: World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2023

The report covers the extent and consequences of the labour market disruption caused by overlapping economic and geopolitical crises and analyzes global patterns, regional differences and outcomes across groups of workers. The report pays particular attention to the impact of the different…… pmassetti
How slow global employment growth undermines social justice (31.01.2023) A new International Labour Organisation (ILO) report, World Employment and Social Outlook: Trends 2023 (WESO trends), has raised concerns about inequality and effects of the global economic slowdown on the quality of employment. It warned that if left unaddressed, the…

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EU: Council adopts recommendation on adequate minimum income Europe (30.01.2023) Council adopts recommendation on adequate minimum income This Council recommendation aims to combat poverty and social exclusion, and to pursue high levels of employment by promoting adequate income support by means of minimum income, effective access to enabling…

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G20 India | 1st Employment Working Group Meeting to focus on balanced and job-rich growth for all | india

G20 member nations consist of 2/3rd of the global population with 80% of global economic output. In this context, deliberation on the enhancement of labour holds significant relevancy. The 1st Employment Working Group (EWG)Meeting under the Sherpa track of the G20 will be held from the 2nd to…

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Migration could prevent a looming population crisis. But there are catches

NPR (27.01.2023) To developmental economist Lant Pritchett, "population decline" is a mild way to describe what could be a global demographic crisis. "The reaction is often 'ho-hum' as the rates [of population decline] are slow and hence the issue seems small and in the future," he told NPR in…

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Drawing lessons from China’s healthcare development china

East Asia Forum (18.01.2023) China has translated its economic development into improved social welfare. China’s quest for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for all while lifting 800 million people out of poverty is an example. Its experience in healthcare development provides transferrable…

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