8 New Jobs That Didn’t Exist Before the Digital Economy

Submitted by -zhu on Tue, 02/20/2018 - 15:31

The world today is immensely different than the world of ten years ago. Ten years ago, the internet was abuzz with talk of “Web 2.0,” people were most concerned about setting their top-eight friends on Myspace and the world was just being introduced to the first iPhone. Since then, the internet and all things digital have continued their rapid growth. That’s no surprise there, as you’re most likely reading this article from a mobile device. This new age of widespread interconnectivity and the accompanying business growth spurred by it is now being referred to as the digital economy. The digital economy encompasses all the services, products and businesses that lay within the web. As more and more products are being sold online, the digital economy grows, and with it, new jobs are created to keep up with the volume and demand of services. These jobs did not exist ten years ago, but combine traditional fields such as business, sales, marketing, design, finance and management with up-and-coming technology and you’ve got today’s digital economy.

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