Implementation Guide – Good Practices For Ensuring Data Protection And Privacy In Social Protection Systems

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SPIAC-B (2024) This Implementation Guide is designed for professionals involved in developing, implementing, and expanding social protection systems, particularly non-contributory schemes, or 'social assistance'. Targeted at national and local government partners, policymakers, social protection authorities, programme managers, social workers, civil society organizations, donors, and the private sector, the guide is also valuable for development and humanitarian agency staff supporting these efforts. It focuses on applying data protection and privacy standards effectively and provides practical solutions for managing technology, including privacy by design, biometrics, cloud computing, automated decision-making, and AI. The updated guide emphasizes enhanced data protection principles, offers expanded guidance on working with technology service providers, introduces new insights on cash transfers, and includes more real-world examples and strategies to tackle big data challenges. It is also a resource for individuals and families engaged in social protection programs as participants or beneficiaries, helping them navigate their rights and responsibilities as 'data subjects'.

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