Malaysia. Pension system needs upgrading as nation heads towards ‘super-aged society’

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Body (14.10.2023) MALAYSIA is undergoing a significant demographic shift towards an ageing population.  The World Bank has projected that with 14% of the population aged 65 and above by 2044, it will officially be an “aged society”. By 2056, Malaysia is expected to become a “super-aged society”, with over 20% of its population in that category.  While this brings challenges in areas such as employment, income security and aged care, the shift also presents economic opportunities, particularly in the field of aged care services.  Meanwhile, the United Nations’ (UN) World Social Report highlights disparities in saving for old age, with 46% of adults in high-income countries saving compared to only 16% in middle- and low-income countries. Old-age pensions come in three primary types, namely tax-financed pensions, mandatory contributory pensions, and voluntary or private contributory pensions. 

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