Covid-19 Response: Employees and Small Business Programme

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This program will offer financial assistance in the amount of $600.00 and $400.00 respectively for a period of three months beginning April 1, 2020 to head of households and individuals who have either been laid off or whose employment have been terminated as a result the COVID-19 Pandemic or the Emergency Powers (Curfew) Order, Statutory Rules and Order No. 15 of 2020. Head of household is defined as a person with at least one child under the age of 18.

Eligibility Criteria
- Individual must be a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica (proof of citizenship required);
- Individual must have been laid off/ termination on or after March 22, 2020;
- Individual has not received other employment benefits as a result of his/her termination;
- Individual has not received other income support;
- The individual is currently unemployed;
- Only one person from each affected family can submit an application; and
- Total income of the individuals must not exceed $4,000.00 per month

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