Bosnia and Herzegovina: Parents can take paid leave if both are working

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The federal government made a series of recommendations to employers and workers at a broad-based themed session yesterday to prevent coronavirus disease.
The recommendations are:
- Implement special safeguards to prevent the adverse effects on the health of workers by shortening workers' working hours, if the work process permits them
. permits, and work that takes place in one shift should be distributed in two shifts, in order to avoid the concentration of more workers in one place
- Give workers directions to work from home, if this is possible due to the nature of the work, or if the work process is allows
- Enable the use of annual leave to workers, as well as the use of leave in accordance with the law, collective agreement or employment rules

- Allow workers, parents of minor children up to 10 years, absence from work to a parent if both parents working
- cancel all official travel , in the country and abroad, and in particular to cancel business trips for workers diagnosed with chronic diseases. When referring to non-cancellable business trips, workers should be instructed on instructions issued by the competent health institutions and institutions in the areas where they travel, and provide workers with adequate protective equipment (masks, disinfectants, etc.).
- Employers are obliged, in accordance with the regulations in the field of occupational safety, to ensure regular and intensive implementation of hygiene measures in work and auxiliary rooms, which, among other things, include cleaning and disinfection of premises, as well as regular ventilation and ventilation
- Cancel meetings that imply larger number of participants. And the necessary meetings should be organized in as large a room as possible, with sufficient distance between the participants of the meeting (meters to two)
- Employers and workers are instructed to act in accordance with the new circumstances regarding the regulation of temporary disability due to new circumstances. instructions from the Federal Ministry of Health
- Employers and employees are instructed to act in full compliance with the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Health given to employers and workers in the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Employers are obliged to allow a parent of children up to 10 years to stay absent from work if both parents are working.

The number of paid leave days is limited to 7 days. 

Update (14.04.2020) - In cooperation with the social partners, it will be considered whether that number of paid sick leave days will increase to 15 or 20.

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