Public Services Card

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The Public Services Card (PSC) helps you to access a range of public services easily. Your identity is fully authenticated when it is issued so you do not have to give the same information to multiple organisations. A Public Services Card is usually issued when you are allocated a PPS number. If you apply for, or are currently getting a social welfare payment (including Child Benefit) you will be asked to register for your Public Services Card.

It is now being rolled out to other public services (pdf). For example, all first-time passport applicants aged 18 and above who are resident in Ireland need to have a Public Services Card. This requirement also applies to a small number of adult passport applicants whose last passport was issued before 1 January 2005 and has since been reported lost, stolen or damaged. All applicants for a certificate of naturalisation aged 18 or over who are resident in the State must have a Public Services Card. Since June 2017, you need to have a Public Services Card if you are sitting the Driver Theory Test. Since 9 April 2018, you can use the PSC as evidence of identity when applying for a driving licence or learner permit.

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