Enhancing Social Protection for Migrant Workers: Challenges and Strategies in the East and Horn of Africa

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.ilo.org (27.05.2024) Migration in the East and Horn of Africa (EHoA) is characterised as mixed migration. The region is a source, transit, and destination for various migratory flows, with forced migration and labour migration continuing to drive the main movement trends within and across countries. Migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees, often travel along similar routes into, within, and out of the region. Migration from the region occurs along three main routes: the eastern route to Yemen and the Gulf, the southern route towards South Africa, and the northern route to North Africa and Europe. The geographic sub-region spans a total of 18 countries, each with its unique migration pattern and profile, hosting 7.7 million international migrants in 2020. The migration landscape is majorly influenced by a complex interplay of factors, such as armed conflict, political instability, environmental degradation, climate change, unemployment, and limited economic opportunities. 
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