Asia and the Pacific’s Rapidly Aging Population Needs Long-Term Care Solutions

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Asian Development (02.05.2024) These charts illustrate the rapid increases in the population aged 60 and older in Asia and the Pacific and the urgency of addressing long-term care needs in the region. Over the past two decades, life expectancy at age 60 in the region has increased by more than 5 years. But the expected number of years lived in less than full health also increased in most economies. A new harmonized dataset on older persons in nine economies in developing Asia found that  on average, 57% Asians aged over 60 have at least one diagnosed noncommunicable disease (NCD). This share varies across the region, ranging from 35% in Bangladesh to 68% in the People’s Republic of China. Yet only 40% of older citizens reported they were having regular health check-ups. 

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