Ukrainian Pension System at the Crossroads

Submitted by pmassetti on Fri, 11/05/2021 - 15:30
Body (01.11.2021) Ukraine is in the top 15 countries globally for the fastest ageing population and the State Budget has allocated about UAH 170 billion to cover pensions in the security and defence sectors, fund social contributions for some categories of people, allowances, increases to pensions and to bridge the deficit of the Pension Fund. The Ukrainian pension system stands at a crossroads and the recent COVID-19 crisis has only amplified the urgent need for reform. The UN in Ukraine is committed to sustainable development in Ukraine, including a pension system that will support an adequate standard of living. It has contributed to the government’s reform agenda by developing a Policy Paper on Social Protection, as well as through the provision of expert, in-depth analysis and policy advice and recommendations.

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