Bolivia: One-time "Bond against Hunger"

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Minesterioa de Economía y Finanzas (03.02.2021) As of February 1, 2021, the payment of the Bond Against Hunger reached more than 3.8 million Bolivians, covering 93% of the total universe of beneficiaries, with an outlay of Bs3,877 million, reported the Vice Minister of Pensions and Financial Services, Ivette Espinoza. The payment of the Bonus against Hunger (Bono contra el Hambre) started on December 1, 2020, becoming the first measure implemented by the Government of Luis Arce Catacora, as a support to people affected by the paralysis of the economy as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic .

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Introduction of the one-time payment "Bond Against Hunger" (Bono Contra el Hambre) in December 2020. The payment has reached more than 3.8 million Bolivians, as is expected to cover a total of 4.1 million persons. Legal basis: Supreme Decree No. 4345 of September 16th, 2020.

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