Artificial Intelligence for Estonia

Submitted by rruggia on Thu, 08/06/2020 - 15:06

In May 2019, an expert group led by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MKM) and Government Office presented proposals on advancing the take-up of artificial intelligence (AI) in Estonia aka for Estonia’s national AI strategy. ​

This current strategy has been prepared based on these proposals, as a plan on how to implement the expert group’s recommendations. It was adopted at Cabinet meeting on 25 July 2019. ​

The strategy is a sum of actions that Estonian government will take to advance the take-up of AI in both private and public sector, to increase the relevant skills and research and development (R&D) base as well as to develop the legal environment. According to the current strategy and based on existing knowledge, Estonian government will invest at least 10M euros in 2019-2021 to implementation of AI strategy in its different directions.

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