San Marino. The decree was issued to support companies, workers and families in difficulty

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An " extraordinary parental permit " is also established , which can be used by December 31, 2020 for a continuous or split period, even in single hours, not exceeding 150 working hours which can be used by parents, employees of the private or public sector, for their children up to 12 years of age in the period of suspension of educational services for children and educational activities in schools of all levels and for disabled or non-self-sufficient family members ". Parental leave does not provide for the payment of allowances but only for recognition of the figurative contribution, and binds the employer to the prohibition of dismissal, with right to job retention. The use of parental leave is granted cumulatively to both parents or to the sole parent, for a total of 150 working hours and is subject to provided that they have already taken advantage of 50% of the 2020 holidays, and that they have not benefit from income support instruments in the event of suspension from employment, illness, maternity, paid or unpaid expectation, or whether they are unemployed or not Occup.

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