Convenio con hospitales privados ¡Todos juntos contra el COVID-19!

Submitted by socpro on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 17:59
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Government of Mexico reached an agreement with the private medical sector to strengthen the capacity of care and medical institutions for citizens. The National Association of Private Hospitals and the Mexican Hospital Consortium will make half of the beds available to the federal government 146 hospitals that are part of these groups. Between April 23 and May 23, these beds will be used to provide services at the second level of care, for patients referred by public institutions in the case of childbirth, caesarean sections, appendix diseases, complicated hernias, and gastric ulcers, among other conditions, not serious.The beneficiaries must be referred by their health institutions to the hospitals and clinics adhered to the agreement based on the availability of health systems. The costs of the treatments will be covered by the Government.

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