The Implications of COVID-19 for Welfare and Vulnerability in Nepal

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Body (06.10.2021) In Nepal, the lockdowns that were adopted to mitigate the public health impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) were accompanied by a significant contraction in economic activity. These in turn suggest a negative outlook for poverty and welfare, particularly in the face pre-existing macro and micro vulnerabilities. Even prior to Coronavirus (COVID-19), with consistently high rates of vulnerability and exposure to a range of shocks, the risks to falling back into poverty remained high in Nepal. In Nepal, high rates of vulnerability along with prolonged lockdowns suggest that there is an urgent need to understand the immediate and still evolving impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on welfare. This paper uses data from two phone surveys implemented by the World Bank in late 2020 to early 2021 to fill this critical need for evidence to track the overall impacts of the crisis in the labor market, and on key sub-groups that are relevant to welfare in Nepal.

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