Grants provide $5.7M for Washington tribes for COVID relief

Submitted by socpro on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 15:10
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Nearly $6 million in federal grants have been approved for five Washington tribes to pay for programs to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus and give financial help to tribal members for rent and utility bills.

The federal COVID-19 response grants are intended to assist in the many ways tribes are combatting the virus,from building tiny houses for quarantine,to building more housing to fight overcrowding and providing financial relief for tribal members strapped by the economic dropoff.

The money is being distributed to five tribes: the Lummi Nation Housing Authority; the Muckleshoot Housing Authority,the Nisqually Indian Tribe,the Squaxin Island Tribe and Tulalip Tribes.

The Tulalip will receive the most,with $1.5 million to provide rental and utility assistance for families financially hurt by the COVID crisis.

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