Infonavit dará prórroga a Pymes para pago de aportaciones por COVID-19

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Infonavit contributions are the payments that both employers and workers make to comply with the employer's obligation and the worker's right to have decent housing. To do this,employers pay an amount equal to 5% of their wages to their workers. These deposits,which go to a savings fund,are part of the workers' labor assets. Infonavit support for small and medium-sized companies during COVID-19:
For companies with up to 250 workers:
- The payments of the contributions of the second and third two-month periods (March-April and May-June) of workers without housing credit may be extended,postponing them until September 2020.
- The payment of the monthly installments of the payment agreements in installments may be delayed until September 2020.

For companies with more than 250 workers:
- The payment of the contributions of workers without housing credit for the second two-month period (March-April) may be delayed and paid in July 2020.
- The monthly installments of the payment agreements in installments that are in force may be extended,postponing the payment until July 2020.

For both types of company,it is also possible to pay up to 12 installments for the two-month periods carried over,without the need to present a guarantee. The deadline to request this has yet to be announced.

It is important to note that these benefits only apply to contributions from workers who are not currently paying a mortgage loan.

Adjusted on 01 July 2020: Although support had already begun,most of it ended in June,but after an analysis the deadline for receiving requests for access to protection measures was extended to 31 August.…

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