Infonavit activará seguro de desempleo para afectados por coronavirus

Submitted by socpro on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 15:10
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This is another of Infonavit's supports for unemployment and salary reduction; it is an extension of payments. The balance of the worker's account will be frozen for three months and no interest of any kind will be produced in that period. The difference from the Universal Job Loss Fund is that,in this case,Infonavit will not cover those payments,only the collection will be deferred. This measure is applied individually,but it goes into general operation automatically if the government establishes mandatory work stoppage measures. If the borrower can and decides to pay their installments,all of their payments will be amortized to principal. This benefit can be extended up to six months depending on the development of the health contingency. Adjusted on 01 July 2020: Although support had already begun,most of it ended in June,but after an analysis the deadline for receiving requests for access to protection measures was extended to 31 August.…

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