Covid-19 Response: Employees and Small Business Programme

Submitted by socpro on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 17:59
measures summary

This grant program is targeted at self-employed sole trader businesses. This program will offer grant financial assistance in the amount of $500.00, to self-employed individuals whose businesses have been suspended as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic or the Emergency Powers (Curfew) Order, Statutory Rules and Order No. 15 of 2020. Grants will be paid via the Dominica Social Security (DSS).

Eligibility Criteria
- Person must be a self-employed individual and a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica (proof of citizenship required);
- Business must have been operational prior to March 22, 2020;
- Business must have been closed/operations suspended after March 22, 2020 up to at a minimum May 19, 2020;
- Individual must show evidence of business activity (for example, statement of particulars, accounting/book-keeping record, social security or certified copy of tax return, certification by at least five unrelated customers/clients, business registration and licences paid before March 22, 2019 );
- Business has been highly impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions and Standard Regulatory Orders (SROs);
- Individual’s total annual sales and other income must not exceed EC$100,000.00 annually or $8,000 per month;
- Individual is not in receipt of employment income; and
- Individual is registered with the Dominica Social Security

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