Latvia: Tax relief included in government’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Employees of companies in industries most affected by COVID-19 can apply for "the allowance for idle time" and receive up to 75% of their salaries (to a maximum rage of Euro 700 (US$ 767) per month. This allowance is disbursed if an employer does not provide work to an employee. It compensates for unpaid salaries from 14 March to 30 June this year. The allowance will also be granted to employees who perform economic activity and for whom revenue therefrom does not exceed EUR 430 per month.

Employees who receive allowance for idle time shall be granted a supplement in the amount of EUR 50 for each dependent child up to 24 years of age for whom a personal income tax relief is granted to the employee on the day of granting the allowance for idle time.

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