Japan: Online medical treatment in the spread of Covid-19

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Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare  (10.04.2010) Online medical care in the spread of Covid-19
Patients can receive medical examinations and prescriptions online or via telephone.
Patients are also able to get their prescribed medicines at home via courier after receiving instructions on their use from a pharmacist by telephone.

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Online medical care in the spread of Covid-19

<Procedures for patients>

1. Check whether the hospital you'd like to visit is offering online/telephone examination.

2. Make an appointment providing your information on health insurance card.

3. Take medical examination by online or telephone providing the proof of identification.

4. In case you are recommended to see a doctor in person for further examination, please do so.  If you wish to receive prescribed medicines via courier, inform the hospital of the nearest pharmacy and contact the pharmacy. You will receive medication instructions by phone or online, and then your medication will be delivered.


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