KrattAI: Estonia's National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

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KrattAI is the vision of how public services should digitally work in the age of Artificial Intelligence. By Susan Fourtané June 08, 2020

In Estonia, there are around 30 Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions deployed in the Estonian public sector that were identified as active as of the beginning of June 2020. The Baltic nation aims to have at least 50 AI use cases by the end of 2020.

And that is just the beginning. Estonia's AI strategy is the next stage of digital public services, all part of e-Estonia. What is most interesting about it, is that its vision sounds as if it was taken from a science fiction script. Yet, it is all almost around the corner. In 2020, Estonia is working toward realizing its AI Strategy vision, called KrattAI. 

Estonian companies widely use AI solutions in several business areas for optimizing business processes, automating customer service, in product quality control, and in risk mitigation to name just a few. 

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