Infonavit activará seguro de desempleo para afectados por coronavirus

Submitted by socpro on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 15:10
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This is the third measure to support workers' Infonavit credit. This is a discount on the monthly installments via payroll. If the company where the borrower works is declared laying off employees (Paro Técnico),a discount of up to 25 percent will be applied to the payments on their payroll.

To request this benefit,it is necessary to submit to the Institute the Request for Technical Stoppage (Paro Técnico) of Companies.

This Infonavit aid was conceived to mainly benefit manufacturing and service companies. However,companies in any sector can request it as long as they declare a reduction in their working hours and the consequent reduction in their workers' income. To justify this,it is necessary to make a Request for Authorization of Temporary Modification Agreement of Working Conditions before the labor authority.

Adjusted on 01 July 2020: Although support had already begun,most of it ended in June,but after an analysis the deadline for receiving requests for access to protection measures was extended to 31 August.…

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