Tax Authority approves grants for thousands of self-employed

Submitted by socpro on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 17:59
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Those eligible for the grant include self-employed workers and employee-owned businesses whose revenues did not exceed NIS 1 million during the 2018 tax year. Eligible businesses will receive up to 70% of their average monthly revenue, or a maximum of NIS 10,500.
Employee-owned businesses will only be able to submit applications from May 18, the Tax Authority said, adding that it requires additional time to prepare suitable eligibility checks.
Self-employed workers whose annual revenues are NIS 18,000-NIS 300,000 will also be eligible for an additional grant of NIS 700-NIS 3,025, the Tax Authority said.

This is part of an emergency plan approved by the Israeli government to assist small business owners and self-employed workers with 8 billion new shekels (2.28 billion dollars).

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