MEDIA STATEMENT Economic Stimulus and Relief Package: Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy and Households

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To support the households cope with reduced income, increased health related
spending and other hardships due to the virus outbreak, the following measure
has been proposed:
- An Emergency Income Grant, to support those employees who have lost
their jobs due to the pandemic and its fallout. This is a once-off payment
of N$750 to people who have lost their jobs, either in the informal or in
the formal sector, essentially to stave off the vulnerabilities which arise.Payment will be made by Government in collaboration with the Social Security Commission within 7 days utilising the banking sector’s ATM infrastructure. The total amount for this measure is costed at a maximum of N$562.00 million, based on the national poverty line of about N$250.00 per person per week.
Applications may be made by Namibians citizens between 18 and 60
years of age who have lost their jobs and not receiving any other social

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