Social Protection in East Asia and Pacific: From Evidence to Action for Children | UNICEF East Asia and Pacific

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This book documents the results and impact of the Social Protection Support Initiative at the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office. The initiative has been instrumental in advancing the development of evidence-based social protection policies in the region. It was devised with the intention of strengthening the amount of available evidence in the East Asia and Pacific region and has resulted in more than 70 research papers in 23 countries in six regions by the end of the initiative. The book presents a selection of those studies and explores the connection between research and policy development. It is written by individuals who have been actively involved in social protection programmes in their respective countries, including UNICEF staff, researchers, and government officials. It represents UNICEF’s contribution to enhancing the body of available evidence in the East Asia and Pacific region, where there has traditionally been less evidence generated on social protection compared to other regions such as Latin America or Africa. This collection of articles is directed towards readers who are interested in understanding the impact of social protection policies on children's lives and well-being, and the significance of evidence in shaping those policies.

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